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Digital Life

Owing to the increasing diffusion of information and communication technologies new challenges and research questions on the individual level emerge. This mainly concerns the identification of adoption and usage determinants, but also the analysis of a technology‘s concrete value for users. Further questions arise with regard to the effects on users’ decision making and communication behavior. Closely related to this are the changing environmental conditions and the changing perceptions of privacy that go along with the application of new technologies. By focusing on users as the central object of research profound implications for providers of information technologies can be drawn.


Prof. Dr. Thomas Hess (Director)
Prof. Dr. Christian Matt (Associated Academic)
Moritz Becker
Dr. Antonia Köster
Tina Morlok
Charlotte Schöning
Severin Weiler

Current Topics:

  • Selection and aceptance of digital services and technologies for individuals
  • Connectivity and technology management for private users
  • Interpersonal privacy
  • Privacy and eHealth

Research Projects:

  • Forum Privatheit - Selbstbestimmtes Leben in der digitalen Welt (supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research)
  • Privacy and Digital Health Technologies (supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research)

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