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Digital Transformation of the Media Industry

Media companies are the group of companies that were first confronted with the opportunities and risks of digital transformation. In the meantime, many traditional content providers, such as television broadcasters, publishers, and music labels, have changed their products, processes, business models, and their position in the value chain. New providers, often - but not exclusively - from the technology industry, are emerging with new services such as social networks. The aim of this research field is to understand these technology-driven developments as well as to develop and test innovative solutions.


Prof. Dr. Thomas Hess (Director)
Benedikt Berger
Simon Bründl
Joschka Mütterlein

Current topics:

  • Management of content platforms
  • Content marketing and other business models at the border between media and non-media companies
  • Diversification strategies and revenue models for content providers
  • Virtual reality and media products
  • Recommendation systems for content offers
  • Computational journalism
  • Management of the digital transformation of media companies


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