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About 40 years ago, information and communication technologies were tools for improving the efficiency of business accounting. Today the potential of ICT is much larger, it extends over new business models and modified management concepts right up to structural changes in whole sectors. Our goal is to analyze these changes from an enterprise centered perspective and to show new design options in selected areas. We take up both practical and theoretical questions. Ideas for new projects arise from new technological options, new theoretical and new methodological approaches.

Current fields of research:

  • Digital Transformation of the Media Industry


    Driven by the rapid development of new digital networks, innovative devices and digital production processes, the entire "content industry" - from traditional media organizations to new Internet companies - is in a phase of radical change. Explaining and designing this change is the focus of this research field. more

  • Management Concepts & Digitial Transformation


    Digital transformation brings new chances and risks. To deal with them systematically, appropriate corporate structures are necessary. This research field aims at questioning management practice and find new approaches. more

  • Digital Life


    information and communication technologies have an increasing impact on everybody’s daily life. This opens up new possibilities and challenges not only for the providers of these digital technologies, but also for private users. The latter are in the center of attention of this research field. more


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