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Management Concepts & Digitial Transformation

The management of a company is confronted with digital transformation in two forms. First, it is necessary to explore and exploit the opportunities and risks of new solutions that are opened up by means of information and communication technologies, such as personalization of products or use of big data. Second, it is necessary to establish structures that ensure a systematic examination of these opportunities and risks, especially in larger companies, such as the introduction of new management roles such as those of a Chief Digital Officer. This research field focuses on both forms. The aim is to question management practices and to find new approaches.


Prof. Dr. Thomas Hess (Director)
Simon Chanias
Christoph Fuchs
Eva Hartl
Johannes Weibl
Florian Wiesböck

Current research topics:

  • Basics: digital transformation as a concept, management tasks in the context of digital transformation
  • Digitization strategies: elements, patterns, origination process
  • Organizational embedding: Chief Digital Officers, corporate culture and digitization, agile organization concepts, building digital competence
  • Instruments within the digital transformation: business models, eco systems
  • Big data as a foundation for management concepts
  • Acceptance and implementation of management concepts


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