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Personal ICT

While the adoption and use of information and communication technologies has long been explored in a corporate context, these technologies now more and more find their ways into the private lives of their users (personal ICT). Compared to the corporate context, the private context has its own peculiarities (such as users acting in their own name and on their own account), which require a dedicated analysis of this phenomenon. In addition, personal ICT goes along with more and more mobile devices; the miniaturization of high-performance ICT has enabled smartphones and wearables, which can be worn directly on the body and become a constant companion. This raises specific questions concerning the selection and use of personal ICT, the design and optimization of personal ICT, as well as the value of such technologies for users. Furthermore, the possible negative consequences of this development ("dark side") need to be considered, such as the increasing dependence on personal ICT or the invasion of informational privacy. In addition to a better understanding of this phenomenon, the aim of this research field is to identify implications for providers of personal ICT and to develop innovative solution concepts.


Prof. Dr. Thomas Hess (Director)
Prof. Dr. Christian Matt (Associated Academic)
Moritz Becker
Charlotte Schöning
Severin Weiler

Current Topics:

  • Management and selection of personal ICT
  • Data-based recommendations and personalization
  • Nudging and user-system interactions
  • Privacy aspects in the adoption and use of personal ICT
  • Privacy and information processing for eHealth technologies

Research Projects:

  • Forum Privatheit - Selbstbestimmtes Leben in der digitalen Welt (supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research)
  • Privacy and Digital Health Technologies (supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research)

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