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About 40 years ago, digital technologies were a tool to improve the efficiency of a company's back office. Today, the strategic potential of digital technologies is much greater, ranging from modified organizational and leadership concepts to changed products, processes, and business models, changed structures of value creation and markets. Our goal is to understand the digital transformation of companies as well as the structure and management of IT-based companies in terms of process, result, and technological basis and to give an impetus for practice. Ideas for new projects arise from new technological options and new theoretical or methodological approaches.

Current fields of research:

  • Management Concepts and Digitization


    Digital transformation brings new chances and risks. To deal with them systematically, appropriate corporate structures are necessary. This research field aims at questioning management practice and find new approaches. more

  • Digitization of Media Companies


    Driven by the rapid development of new digital networks, innovative devices and digital production processes, the entire "content industry" - from traditional media organizations to new Internet companies - is in a phase of radical change. Explaining and designing this change is the focus of this research field. more

  • Personal ICT


    Information and communication technologies for personal use (personal ICT) have an increasing influence on our daily lives - across all levels of the population. This opens up new opportunities, but also challenges for providers of personal ICT and their users. A better understanding and shaping this phenomenon are the focus of this research field. more

  • AI-Based Information Systems


    The development of artificial intelligence (AI) has made considerable progress recently. AI-based information systems can solve increasingly complex tasks. At the same time, AI enables new forms of interaction between systems and their users. This research field focuses on the impact of employing AI in information systems on user behavior. more


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